New Windows 10 Laptop

A training course I am taking came with an ASUS EeeBook X205TA laptop. It’s small, with an 11.6″ screen, and light, only 2.16 lbs. It came with Windows 8.1 installed but with a free upgrade to Windows 10 and a one-year subscription to Office 360 Personal Edition.

If you’ve read my previous posts you are probably aware that I have a Mac as my personal system and use Windows 7 for work only because I have to. I probably wouldn’t have purchased this ASUS myself but, hey, it was basically a freebie. Anyway, I loathe Windows 8, probably even more than Vista, if that’s even possible. Microsoft has made some huge mistakes (anyone remember Microsoft Bob?), such as the aforementioned Vista, as well as Windows ME, and Windows 8 is one of their biggest ones. I think they realized this which is why we now have Windows 10.

The upgrade was free and I hadn’t installed any software so I figured I would go ahead and do the upgrade. Better to take the leap now than have to retrain myself. The upgrade process on this system is painfully slow. I don’t know what others’ experiences are like but this was bad.

I started the upgrade and after about 30 minutes I got a message that the laptop didn’t have enough free space to download the upgrade. The ASUS comes with a 32GB SSD and even though I had not installed anything I still needed 9GB more space. Fortunately, Microsoft was actually thinking about this and will allow you to attach a USB drive with enough space to download the needed files so you can perform the upgrade. I didn’t have an external drive or USB stick that I could use but I did have a spare SDHC card that just needed to be formatted.

Once I got that attached I continued with the installation. That took almost three more hours to complete. The post-upgrade cleanup left me with a little over 13GB of free space. That’s not much but this laptop is meant to store your files in the cloud. You are able to use Microsoft OneDrive for cloud-based file storage and you also get 500GB of cloud storage with ASUS WebStorage free for two years. I don’t plan on using either one very often as I use other cloud services but these are nice to have in a pinch.

I’ve only used this little laptop a short amount today but I think it will be a handy tool. I have a couple of projects in the works where I will need to be able to test a web design with several different browsers under Mac and Windows. Now I won’t have to borrow either of my sons’ PCs for that. It’s small size and light weight will make it easy to throw in my backpack and take along when needed.

I’ll probably post more about it in the near future as I use it so check back in!



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