Tired of Plugging and Unplugging?

When I am working with my Raspberry Pi there are times when I need to power it down completely and back up again. Usually, that means unplugging the micro-USB cable and plugging it back in. I don’t know about you but after doing that a dozen times or so it gets pretty tiresome. Fortunately I stumbled across a solution.

I was in my laundry room the other day and noticed a footswitch hanging on a hook. You know, one of those footswitches that people use to turn their Christmas tree lights on and off instead of plugging them into the wall outlet and unplugging them later. We have two of them that we had forgotten to store in the garage attic with the Christmas decorations and we hung them on a hook until we decided to make the climb to put them away.

I took one of them to my office and plugged a USB charging block into one of the outlets and hooked a USB cable up from it to a Raspberry. Now all I have to do is tap my foot to turn it off and back on again. No more plugging and unplugging.

At this time of year they may be hard to find in stores but they are available from Amazon. This one is very similar to mine.



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