Raspberry Pi Camera Module Coming Soon

The long-awaited camera module for the Raspberry Pi should be available for purchase soon. In a blog post from last week, Liz Upton provided an update and said the hardware has been finalized and there is ongoing work to tune the cameras properly and to get the drivers ready. She goes on to say, “everything’s looking pretty peachy for the moment.” Liz declined to share a release date but said, “[W]e’re probably at least a month away (and possibly more) from being able to sell these at the moment.”

The expected price for the 5MP camera module is $25. It will also be capable of capturing 1080p HD video at 30 FPS. In the meantime we are only able to enjoy pics of the front and back of the camera.

Raspberry Pi Camera Module - Front View

Raspberry Pi Camera Module - Back View

However, the impending release of the camera is not the only good news coming out in Liz’s post. She also linked to a post by Alex at Raspi.TV regarding his newly arrived Raspberry Pi Model A. The recently released Model A weighs almost 25% less than the Model B as it lacks the Ethernet LAN hardware of the Model B and has only a single USB port. Apart from that the Model A is visually identical to the Model B so I think it’s a safe assumption that the Model A can use the various cases available for the Model B.

Camera module pictures are from http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/3224 and are not my own.


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